[LMB] OT: Racial disparities in policing

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 07:31:48 GMT 2019

On 12/10/2019 9:46 AM, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> I want to know how police can tell the race of the driver of a car from behind.
Well, I drive between Caledonia NY and Canterbury CT at least one round 
trip a month, frequently 2 weekends a month. I will see at least 1 Mass 
State cop sitting in the turn space in the median watching people drive 
past, and at least 2 NY state cops ditto, I might or might not see one 
CT state cop. They are watching traffic from what is the drivers side of 
the car, and *generally* are watching mainly the fast lane [the side 
towards the median] because htey are not really concerned with people 
plodding along behaving, they are after the people weaving in and out of 
the lanes, going hell bent for leather [wait, Mass, hell bent for 
pleather =) ] That puts them in the perfect spot for looking at the 
drivers.  Off controlled access roads, they are either driving around in 
traffic, or parked in parking lots watching traffic. If cars are going a 
reasonable in town speed, 10-25 miles per hour, that is plenty of time 
to see a Lexus with someone guilty of driving while hispanic - 
especially if they are stopped at a traffic light.  I can pretty much 
guarantee that as a pasty white broad, I am not wearing a do-rag, 
intricate braids in odd shapes, an afro or anything remotely not 
reasonably normal for a pasty white chick [I am guilty of having been 
bald recently, and have had my hair pretty much every length from knee 
length to shaven and every color from what I was born with, to brown 
with random colored spike ends and 2 inches long to rainbow and ironed 
flat to magenta stripes to cosmic [purple shaded to blue] All of which 
were pretty much visible from the back in the Chevy Cruze [I know, not 
an expensive car, but a random reasonable sized sedan] But also not 
really mistakable for any profile in shade other than something worn by 
a white chick.

I also thing a Lexus driving down the road with Dr Dre pumping out hard 
core bass at a volume that is bone shaking *outside* the car is a dead 
give away as well, and I have been behind a car pumping that much volume 
and able to clearly hear the type of music not normally listened to by 
the average pasty white mercedes sedan/lexus sedan/brand new mom van. 
[OK, I confess, I am sort of odd, as I will listen to pretty much 
anything except the really whiny country crap, or bubble gum pop like 
Britney Spears and actually have everything from Vivaldi to Romanian 
dub-step to Finnish death metal to Japanese No operas, and fairly loud. ]

*But* keep in mind, most pickups on traffic stops are done in populated 
areas where people are driving *slowly* and people do look into other 
cars - and sometimes people will "helpfully" call in non-whites doing 
nothing  other than being non-white. If I see someone who seems to be 
black, homeless or home-boy driving a $100K Mercedes in what is 
seriously predominately white and upscale, I might consider calling it 
in to the cops ... because black homeless gang banger looking guys do 
not generally live in Mystic CT ...

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