[LMB] Bujold and the Mama

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 19:30:48 GMT 2019

Kareen Koudelka pointed out that in the fairy tales, a Mama can either die
in chldbirth or otherwise fade out of the stoyr. Is that supposed to be a
warning or an isntruction?

So, Bujold & the Mama: Adventure or retired into Mentor, like OB1 Kenobi?

Cordelia almost defies the trope by being an action-mom having adventures
while pregnant. Once Miles is born, she is moved into the background so he
can have adventures. OTOH she is clearly portrayed as a mentor for both
Miles & Gregor.

Alys: adventures during pregnancy, once she's a mom she goes into
backstage. Lots & LOTS of influence, but little page time.

Ekaterine - Some adventure as Tien's wife, Mama Bear for her son.  Her
adventure with Miles is literally offf-screen, to many complaints on-list
at the time.

Nicole (I think) the herm, has projected-baby pix but no actual babies.
She's still offscreen once she's thinking about motherhood. Bel the
potential dad, like Miles the potential dad, gets plenty of page time.

Fawn: Adventures while pregnant. Adventure as a wife.  As a mom,
off-screen. But at that point Dag is mostly off-screen, too.

Lilly's Mom - adventures off-screen.  Not much of a mentor. Are there other
mothers in the story? Remo's mom? I don't remember.

Cumbia - oh thank goodness she has so little page time, but her influence
is everywhere.

And going back to the Spirit Ring, didn't Our Heroine's mother die a long
time ago?

Sylvia -
Happy Holiday Dinner. My mom is slowly stepping down from being Hostess Who
Does Everything.. and allowing herself to be Hostess Who Lets Her Grown
Kids Do Maybe Some Of The Hostess Work.

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