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> So, Bujold & the Mama: Adventure or retired into Mentor, like OB1 Kenobi?
> Cordelia almost defies the trope by being an action-mom having adventures
> while pregnant. Once Miles is born, she is moved into the background so he
> can have adventures. OTOH she is clearly portrayed as a mentor for both
> Miles & Gregor.

She is the main character again in The Red Queen and Gentleman Jole.

> Nicole (I think) the herm, has projected-baby pix but no actual babies.
> She's still offscreen once she's thinking about motherhood. Bel the
> potential dad, like Miles the potential dad, gets plenty of page time.

Bel is the herm; Nicol is the female quaddie.

There's also Harra, who is teaching and also raising her children in
Memory. Though we also have Ma Mattulich from the earlier story.

little Alex

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