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He does meander on.

But deals here with why police arrest certain people

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> On Sat, 7 Dec 2019, Caroline Tabach wrote:
> > I recommend the latest book by Malcolm Gladwell on this subject
> Which is _Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We
> Don't Know_.
> The section where he deals with assumptions and how they can screw up our
> decision-making was quite interesting, and definitely something one should
> be aware of. Gladwell showed that both trusting people (viz Bernie Madoff)
> and *not* trusting people (viz a cop who sent a young woman to jail for
> possibly going through a stop sign and then refusing to knuckle under to a
> him when he improperly told her to not smoke in her own car) can get us
> into serious trouble. No easy answers.
> That being said, I though this book was less well-organized or argued
> than some of his previous books, and at least one chapter could have been
> completely excised and not missed.
> Alayne
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