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Sylvia McIvers reminds us>Kareen Koudelka pointed out  a Mama can either die>in chldbirth or otherwise fade out of the story ... So, Bujold & >the Mama: Adventure or retired into Mentor, like OB1 Kenobi?<snip Mama list>     And accidentally omits Ista. And incidentally, her ownmother the (unnamed, I think) Provincera.   Ista is, in young marriage, a heroic god-touched saint with a calling and mission.  In maternity, she is locked awayand thought mad.  It's only in the "crone" phase ofthe traditional triad of life roles that she steps back intoa similar hero/saint adventure.   Crone roles often suck. Ista's sage of life post marriage, onthe lookout for grand-children, is a repudiation ofcrone-dom.  But an even more interesting repudiationof the role is the Provincera, who persists and maintainsand relishes in the matron role -- with great privilege comessubtle power to be used carefully, wisely, rarely, through proxies, and even then, gently.     The Lady Hueltar (Yeltar, whatever) is another whois introduced in the crone old-biddy role and seems to enjoy it.   Ista's  encounter with the often widowed Wife of Bath indicates another path -- crones aren't always the stay-at-home sort like Lady Heulter.    Halla in _Hallowed Hunt_ is a mother-adventurer to consider.   Penric's ladies offer a lot of choices.  The ArchDivineLlewelln (sp?) just for starters. But I think I'll leavethat list for later.   

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