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Sylvia McIvers reminds us: >Kareen Koudelka pointed out  a Mama can either die>in chldbirth or otherwise fade out of the story ... So, Bujold & >the Mama: Adventurer or retired into Mentor, like OB1 Kenobi?<snip Mama list>        Sylvia accidentally omits Ista. And incidentally, Ista's ownmother the (unnamed, I think) Provincera. And a few others from_PoS_   Ista is, in young marriage, a heroic god-touched saint with a calling and mission.  In maternity, she is locked awayand thought mad.  It's only in the "crone" phase ofthe traditional triad of life roles that Ista steps back into a similar hero/saint adventure.   (Maiden, Matron, Cronebeing the elements of the triad.)   Crone roles often suck. Ista's stage of life post-marriage, onthe lookout for grand-children, is a repudiation of crone-dom.  But an even more interesting repudiation of the role is the Provincera, who persists and maintains and relishes in the matron role -- with great privilege comessubtle power to  be used carefully, wisely, rarely, through proxies, and even then, gently.       The Lady Hueltar (Yeltar, whatever) is another whois introduced (to readers)  in the crone old-biddy role and seems to enjoy it. Ista's  encounter with the often widowed Wife of Bath indicates another path -- crones aren't always the stay-at-home sort like Lady Heulter.      Halla in _Hallowed Hunt_ is a mother-adventurer to consider.  (Another a mother)   Penric's ladies offer a lot of choices.  The ArchDivineLlewelln (sp?) just for starters. But I think I'll leavePenric's cast and list for later.     The archives show whatever I've sent today has been mungedup beyond any recognition.  Did anybody get a post thatwas spaced and aligned into real paragraphs yet?  In anycase, I'm hoping the third (and last) attempt is the charm,and I must be off to other business.  Apologies, andthanks to those who are patient with me. Yes, it's WindowsTen, on a different machine than I am accustomed to. Anda different browser.  You'd think I'd have learned by now to carry my own e-tools around on a USB -- platformindependent.    

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