[LMB] The last malice

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 12 21:30:14 GMT 2019

I'm going through the WGW books a bit at a time when I rest from packing. I'm wondering, there are areas where malices appear less & less frequently. Eventually more patrollers are gonna notice 'we haven't seen a malice in months/years/a decade'  At what point will they be declared extinct?  Could there be some so deep in a cave system that it'll take a century to work their way out? I'll bet there'll be some sort of patrolling going on for quite awhile after the last reported malice, for custom/tradition/whatever.  Are the barrens west of the Gray River, SO barren, they will never produce another malice?

And what will the Lakewalkers do?  Explore the barrens, some of them?  Figure out ways to restore plant life & all, to the point it can be farmed? Some will stay running ferries & such, or keep on hunting & trapping for furs. If Whit thinks to try setting up a mail system, along with his river trading, there's something for the lakewalkers to do-delivering mail.  And they may take up trading too.

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