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On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 05:53:55PM -0800, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
> At the beginning of the year, I weighed 199.

Congratulations on the weight loss! It's hard to do. 

Some years ago my head was (temporarily) screwed on right and I managed
to lose 50 lb. it was in fact easy and I enjoyed it.

Now that I've slowed down, all 50 of them have caught up with me and
have brought along 15 or 20 of their friends, and I really really
need to drop some of that.

Anyone got any extra will-power lying around I could borrow? ;)

> My husband started Ozempic in early October. The initial/half dose gave him mild/moderate nausea the day of, and the day after the injection. When the dose was increased to the standard level, he experienced moderate/severe nausea all week. Went back to initial dose. He’s had to cut back on both kinds of insulin, as he’s been under 70 several times a day—he also installed a Libre monitor on his arm, which gave continual readings. He’s a type II bordering on type I. He’s lost 18 lbs since he started that stuff—not much of a surprise given not being able to eat much.
> Arthur and I can’t eat solids on hot days, unless we wish to review our intake—we have to wait until cooler temps at night. Resemblance to the above. In 2012, when I lost 40 lbs, the summer was hotter than usual here, we moved house, and I had a lot of dental work which limited how much discomfort I was willing to accept before I stopped eating. My portions were what they should have been. I kept it off, lost another 4-5 lbs along the way, and last year managed to stay at 199/200. Most of my skirts had to be taken in, and any hems had to be raised 4”/10cm.
> In late October 2018, my a1c was 7.4. This October, it was *6.4*.
> At some point in late 2018/early 2019, I started trying to improve my a1c by following the nutritionist’s meal plans, minding & greatly reducing my carbs. I like my lemonade strong, and major national/international varieties are weak as water (channeling Mrs Slocombe): I can’t believe that their sugar-free versions are any stronger. For an 8-12 oz serving, the good stuff, Odwalla, Simply, or house-made, have THREE carb exchanges. 
> That’s the maximum I’m allowed at a meal, and they don’t fill me the way solids do. Conventional cola and ginger beer, my other two prefs, have two satisfactory SF varieties: Coke Zero and Bundaberg Ginger Beer—as long as there’s a good squirt of lime or lemon juice added. I don’t even drink one a day. I drink tea hot or iced, lattes with SF syrups (Torani or Monin brands) at home or purchased out. If I know a cinema doesn’t offer Coke Zero, I bring my quart bottle with water.
> Since the beginning of the year, I dropped about about 16 lbs. by April, then dropping below my pre-pregnancy weight of 192. Trying to eat more green leafy and low starch vegetables (being in the SF Bay area, I can gorge on artichokes) and monitoring the carb per meal, trying for a protein with any carb snack, drinking water instead of conventional sodas—that’s all helped. Next dr visit with the fun old-fashioned manual scales with the sliding weight indicators, it was 186, next one 184.5 (mid October), and today’s, at the allergist . . . 166.5! I was afraid I’d gained some back. My next goal was 175—guess it’s 150 now.
> Dresses and skirts are again dragging on the floor, even waists without elastic need to be tightened again. The girls are not shrinking, blast it—I’d like to buy bras off the rack, but I’d have to travel to the EU to do that.
> Yippee! Now to ask when I’m going to be allowed to have the hiatal hernia fixed—even at 205, I was told I’d have to lose weight, with no number specified.
> Another issue I wish someone on my medical team would pay attention to: my chronically low potassium levels. I’m taking 2x99mg (strongest OTC) and the standard Mg pills each day (and calcium), but I see no improvement. I cannot get any dr to prescribe 10MEQ, and decrease the statins (or whatever isn’t sparing my K as it should). 
> I know what *can* go wrong, but I really need this fixed: for two years now this is chronic, and for two years I’ve been trying to get it through otherwise sensible heads. I will be exceedingly careful. I currently have mild to moderate plaque in my carotid arteries: I want that reversed, given mother’s line increased risk for stroke, even among non-smokers.
> Any advice?
> A. Marina Fournier
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