[LMB] OT: a good loss

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 13:32:49 GMT 2019

On 12/13/2019 7:18 AM, A. ThirstyFrog Allsman wrote:
> Re: suggestion of what to say to doctors...
> When you bring up your concerns & they brush you off, say "Please document
> your refusal to investigate/test/biopsy/CTscan etc _ X_ on my chart"  & of
> course ask for a copy of your chart to confirm they did document their
> refusal to find out what is causing your issues.   The doctor,might on 2nd
> thought, change their mind & refer  you to whatever you were asking about.
> Congratulations on your slow & steady weight loss. :)

Grats on the weight loss =)

I also suggest you ask they document their refusal, it may not help 
induce them into testing, but it will make it easier to sue for 
malpractice if something goes south. Can you change practices or docs in 
that practice?

I would love to clone my primary, Helar Campos is the first doc to 
actually sit and listen, and respond and most importantly, not dismiss 
any research I did on any of my conditions outside the office. There is 
a reason we have been with his practice for 15 years! I dread finding 
new medical teams when we move to Nevada in 18 or so months! Rob and I 
decided it is worth driving back to CT every 3 months for our primary 
and my oncology/surgery teams ... I can get my port flushed anywhere 
[Rob can be trained to do it, EMS training is useful =)] but an 
excellent team is worth the trouble.

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