[LMB] Crime and Punishment

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Fri Dec 13 15:21:06 GMT 2019

There is a theme in all three of Lois’ major series of what should be the punishment for crime. At first glance, Beta’s psychiatric response seems better but you don’t have to go to “Dark Beta” to see that, since it isn’t physically harmful, people are willing to resort to it without much consideration.
Elena punched the (excuse the old fashioned word) masher in the nose and he threatened her with IIRC personality restructuring. No matter what her earrings may have indicated, they were in a spaceport. He should have at least thought, “She could have just landed. She might not know what that means.”
They were ready to take Cordelia apart on very flimsy reasoning. I can’t remember the pilots name but he was justly terrified of the mental health board. The attitude as I read it is, “Maybe we were hasty but he’s happier now. No harm done.”
This is getting long already an I’ll stop here. If there’s no response, I’ll drop the subject but I think it’s important.

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