[LMB] OT: a good loss

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 17:48:42 GMT 2019

On 12/13/2019 12:35 PM, Rachel wrote:
> This is probably far outside of your own experience, but my sister in law
> recently had bariatric surgery with a resulting 200lb weight loss. The
> thing that is amazing to me is that she is off all of her medications, but
> didn't came off with the weight loss. Her bad numbers resolved themselves
> *within hours of the surgery*. The doctors sort of shrugged and said,
> "yeah, this happens, we're not sure why."

BRain fried, and the laptop I had in 2015 that I saved the article upon 
is melted *but* for what it is worth, what I rememeber-

A doctor in Mexico developed an insert that looks like an upside down 
funnel. It goes so the spout is up the esophogus and sort of lines the 
upper slopes of the stomach. He had noticed that among other things I 
can't remember that the pressure on the top surface of the stomach was 
an indicator of fullness. There is a complex suite of chemicals and 
brain signals that controls appetite. The pressure on the slope triggers 
many of those signallers, helping the person control their hunger 
reflexes. It installs under light sedation, much like an upper 
endoscopy, and it is removed in the same way. There is not really an 
adjustment period or healing period because it is noninvasive [in the 
sense of cutting and sewing of anything] It was up for review in the US 
though it had passed Mexican review. He said [as best I can remember] it 
worked on some 80 percent of the patients, and could easily be removed 
if it wasn't working and alternate methods explored. One of the things 
affected was apparently insulin and nutrient processing management.

Personally I am against such drastic methods as chopping out portions of 
body bits - something more gentle like a sleeve seems more what I would 
consider. Though I did it the hard way [cancer, and it almost killed me 
though I have not had to have surgery] I have read a fair number of 
horror stories and my parents had a friend who had his stomach split 
because he couldn't refrain from overeating and kept trying to eat 
'normal' sized meals.

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