[LMB] Crime and Punishment

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> Subject: [LMB] Crime and Punishment
> Louann Miller refers to canon:
> >Cordelia ... offered some Barayarrans the option of
> >Betan personlaity treatment on Beta vs. (per
> >Barrayaran law) the death penalty. All of them went
> >for the death penalty.
> I absolutely accept this into my head-canon, and
> it's absolutely consistent with Cordelia's character,
> but I confess I don't recall the scene or situation
> in the books.
> Would a listie who has a better-working memory chip
> than mine please help fill in the background?

[much snippage]
It's from Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, chapter 8
There's a lengthy discussion around it, but the core statement from
Cordelia about death penalty cases is this:

“We were able to see our way to a few commutations. The rest were declined.
Once, I was all set for a test case—I was going to send a convicted man to
Beta Colony, paid for out of my own purse, for full-on nonvoluntary
therapy. To demonstrate the feasibility of importing that system to
Sergyar. Instead, he managed, with some difficulty, to commit suicide a
couple of days before he was due to be shipped out. Irrationally terrified,
or just being Barrayaran, it was hard to tell.” Was there a difference? “So
I’m still looking for a test case.”

Karen Hunt

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