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 When Miles makes the decision to
> > cook Ryoval's priceless gene collection, he knows fairly little about the
> > man compared to what we learn later. Granted, all that little shows Ry as
> > just the kind of person bad things should happen to. It still seems a
> > little under-motivated without the later context.

> He'd had the interaction with Ryoval during the party, he'd met Nicole and
> heard her story about why she was afraid to be traded to Ryoval, and he'd
> now met Taura. Given his feeling on genetics and its (mis)uses, I can see
> his motivation.
> Granted, he got confirmation of the righteousness of his actions later, but
> I think he had sufficient motivation.

And apart from that, the whole description of the culture of Jackon's Whole is more than enough as I see it.
The samples are meant to make slaves.
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