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On Dec 13, 2019, at 4:45 AM, WalterStuartBushell <proto at panix.com> wrote:
>> On Dec 12, 2019, at 8:53 PM, A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com> wrote:
>> Another issue I wish someone on my medical team would pay attention to: my chronically low potassium levels. I’m taking 2x99mg (strongest OTC) and the standard Mg pills each day (and calcium), but I see no improvement. I cannot get any dr to prescribe 10MEQ, and decrease the statins (or whatever isn’t sparing my K as it should). 
> Have you tried potassium chloride salt substitutes? Taste terrible, but a small sacrifice.

Well, I don’t generally add salt—that’s my belle-mère. Havers, but she loves the stuff, way beyond my tolerance!

I am being vigilant about not eating anything with more than 300 mg per serving, with some exceptions.

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