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> (much snippage)
> Personally I am against such drastic methods as chopping out portions of body bits - something more gentle like a sleeve seems more what I would consider. Though I did it the hard way [cancer, and it almost killed me though I have not had to have surgery]

The severe risks of malnutrition due to too small a post-stomach tract to absorb enough vitamins and minerals worries me. Finding my sister’s stomach pouch—smaller than my medium-large apple-sized fist—to insert a feeding tube after her stroke was Fraught with Imponderables.

Let no-one think bariatric surgery is “the easy way”. There are so many changes to dietary habits and behaviour, and getting adequate nutrition that you have to pass psych tests before surgery will be allowed and scheduled.

As many of us know, not all weight gain is due to overeating & lack of exercise. For some of those exceptions, gastric bypass is the only hope they have to reduce their mass.

> I have read a fair number of horror stories and my parents had a friend who had his stomach split because he couldn't refrain from overeating and kept trying to eat 'normal' sized meals.

I know one of them. She’s had severe health problems, even before her (much earlier, less refined techniques) surgery was reversed. Now—flirts with death on a regular basis.

My sister can only eat about a cupful of food at a meal, or she revisits it again.

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