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Thanks! You said what I wanted to say faster and better

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> Baked potatoes (if you eat the skin) have more potassium than bananas.

Prithee, remember the carb limits: 30g at breakfast (which is more often a supper after midnight), and 45 each at lunch and dinner, and possibly 15-30g snacks with protein.

Yea, sweet potatoes and russets have about the same exchanges, with an argument as to which is in general more nutritious. Sometimes I eat the skins, sometimes not.

Bananas are good for post-lightsaber-bout help to avoid muscle aches & cramps (Arthur). I hear that melons are good—and so is coffee?!

And then the sodium limitation.
Tomatoes whole aren’t bad, but doctoring the low-sodium tomato/TJ’s Garden Patch juice with “what’s dis here” sauce ruins the sodium count. V8 is right out.

The balance war between carbs, sodium, and potassium is enough to drive anyone barmy! Send for the waaambulance.

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