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On Sat, 14 Dec 2019 13:09:19 -0500, Damien Sullivan
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>Of course, parking violations are just annoying.  Speeding raises the
>chance that you will *kill* someone.

Some parking violations have the potential to cause someone else to kill
someone, by causing a constriction in the traffic, blocking views etc.

In the UK, there is a "zigzag zone" either side of most pedestrian
crossings, in which it is illegal to park or overtake.  This is designed
to maximise visibility of and for pedestrians.

Parking there gets you between three and six points on your licence; 12
points and you're disqualified.

A friend of mine is a "hobby bobby", a special constable.  He saw
someone in a 7-series BMW parked on the zigzags, to use an ATM.  He was
minded to issue a warning, but the guy gave him attitude.  "I'm not
bothered about a parking fine, that's less than half an hour's pay for

He was bothered about getting nine points on his licence, though: three
for parking on zigzags, three for mounting the kerb, and three for a
bald tyre.  On top of that, he got a "producer" (a ticket where you have
to report to a police station within 5 days with all your documents) and
a VDN (Vehicle Defect Notice), which means you have to report with your
vehicle to confirm the defect is fixed, or you get a further ticket.

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