[LMB] Completely OT: Pratchett book description

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 16:22:34 GMT 2019

This plot summary melted by brain.  Completely.

It’s a romantic police story. Raised and cared for by an adopted mother, an
underdog joins the local police force. He is partnered with a drunk and
grizzled policeman with a heart of gold and cynicism. On the job he meets
her. Big and beautiful, she is the most fantastic thing he has ever laid
eyes on. In an attempt to win her favor, he begins a quest of

Unfortunately, she is bound to an ambitious man. He and his evil
organization are forcing her to commit acts of terrorism against the City.
Her time spent with them warps her perceptions of good/evil. When she
finally breaks free, she holds the city hostage. It is up to him to save
his partner, adopted mother, and the City. But can he convince his beloved
that their love is real and there is a better way?

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