[LMB] LIST BIZ: What's a Pizza call? from the FAQ.

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 18 00:58:48 GMT 2019

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 12:49:25 AM GMT+9, Sylvia McIvers wrote: 

Pizza is now 18 years old, and predates many listees.  And honestly, who
reads the FAQs?  So, here's what* a pizza call  *is, and how to use it.

*1. Someone called "pizza" on my last post! What do they mean? What should
I do?*

In December 2001, Marna Nightingale used "Pizza?" in a post as an example
of a polite way of saying, "No thanks, but I'd like to remain friends. Why
don't we get some pizza?" when a friend proposes sexual intimacy. "Pizza?"
was quickly adopted as a code word used to defuse a potentially heated
discussion without fault on either side, as in "Let's drop the subject and
stay friends."

A call of "Pizza?" indicates that the caller felt the language in a post or
posts was becoming inflammatory. Note that pizza is not to be called on a
*subject* preemptively (as in, "I think this is a dangerous subject to
discuss"). The actual language being used must be getting heated, or loaded
so that a heated exchange seems likely, or headed flameward. A post which
includes a pizza call should be so noted in the subject line, in addition
to the current subject. Pizza requests should not include content about the
subject, just the elements (a) this is a pizza call, and (b) a neutral
naming of the topic or a repeat of the problem thread's subject line, if
that uniquely identifies it.

* If three people call for pizza on a thread, list discussion of it should
cease immediately. Remember, however, that e-mail arrives erratically and
some people read the list in digest format, so a few posts may arrive after
three calls for pizza are made.*

If you feel that your comments were not, in fact, headed into a sensitive
area, it is recommended that you discuss this OFF-LIST with the people who
called pizza. If they agree the topic may be re-introduced to the list.
Micki: Thanks, Sylvia. It's always good to read it again.

When I was new to the list, I objected to a few of the Pizza calls. I wanted
to keep discussing, and I wanted to be seen discussing. I can't remember who
it was, but someone convinced me that it was better for the list to honor a pizza
call, and if it was that important to discuss/argue the point, it was better to 
take it off the list and into private emails. 

(-: Funny thing is, a lot of people, including me, don't want to argue unless
there is an audience. 

Marc set up a different group for Pizza'd discussions, but it never really caught on.

Marc is also quite wise in having a "bozo bucket"; I don't actively filter out bozos, 
but I do scroll past a couple of names. I figure if they have anything important to say, 
someone will copy/paste them in a reply. 

The vast majority of posters are wise, friendly and fun to be with. I've learned so much
on this list! 


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