[LMB] Lovely synchronicity

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Not "lass groups of people?" Well, then, how about the laddies?

Seriously, I'm with you on natural fibers, and will look into bamboo microfiber. Which I should think is quite natural.

Your Elizabethan outfit sounds lovely! And thanks for the pictures. The Spanish Ropa looks combersome, but I'll bet it's not; the Maharet looks like harem garb.
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Snippage about both our fair  listees skin and clothing preferences

Back in the day, in Europe Mom and Dad took my brother and I to clothing
optional beaches [yay Germany and the freikorp movement =)] I love going
nude though generally indoors and alone or in the company of *few*
people, not lass groups of people. I probably wouldn't go to a clothing
optional resort, but we would probably rent an isolated cabin or the like.

I am a proponent of natural fibers as well. I dislike leather chairs
despite owning a fantastic turn of the 1900s Stickley chair uphoulstered
in leather [great grandfathers =) ] One of the few exemptions to the
synthetic fiber deal is bamboo microfiber [cellulose 'silk'] as it seems
to breath like a good quality linen with the hand of silk.

I am getting ready to redo my merchant class Elizabethan gown [though
this time I am freaking cheating and *ordered* someone to make me a
blasted corset because I have sewn too damned many boning channels to
ever want to do it again!] I have been dabbling online looking for
fabric ideas, and I think the chemise is going to be fine linen [lawn],
the under gown is going to be a light broadcloth, also linen, the outer
in a heavy cotton broadcloth with the fancy smaller parts [sleeve
linings, forepart skirt] in some suitable brocade, probably a synthetic.
Colors are going to probably be a good medium chocolate brown for the
overgown, a nice medium cream for the undergown and foreskirt, and the
edging of the outer gown and sleeves is going to be an antique gold
colored nonmetallic cording. The partlett is going to be a very fine
almost transparent handkerchief linen, and the ruff and cuffs of the
same. I know it sounds hot, especially in the summer but oddly enough
the swaying of the bell shaped skirt seems to circulate air around the
lower body fairly well =)

I am not looking forward to sourcing silk brocades for my steppes nomad
however *sigh*

I did find a garment that I think works for a 5 Gods ladies vest -

for the ladies of the Islands [the really moorish influenced =) ]

and a Spanish Ropa, this is a sort of sucky pic -


but Janet Arnold has a decent discussion in her book


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