[LMB] List Biz: formatting for the website

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 03:32:19 GMT 2019

My dear ones, my lines runneth over. 

I have been trying very hard to use the return bar.

And not let my lines go past a certain length. 

Then I faithfully (well almost faithfully)

Use the plain text converter. 

And everything looks fine.

But when I get to the Dendarii website

I find my lines have run all across the page.

I hate that. 

How can I format my Yahoo! email so it at 

least stays in the bounds with the Dendarii website? 


Example of a post that makes me crazy. (My own work.)

Right now, I'm in regular, making a new line

with two returns between each line.

Now I'm writing without doing the double returns. This 
is where I divided with a single return (between This and is).

And now I'm in plain text. And I'm only going to use a single
return to get to the next line (single and return). How does it
look? (it and look)

And now I'll use double returns in plain text. 

Does it give me double returns on the website? Singles?

New line here? Space between? And now another double?

Let's see. 


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