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WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Sat Dec 21 14:53:14 GMT 2019

We’ve just had a brouhaha over pizza and I’ve been blasted many times, mostly over politics. I’d like to state some empirical rules about the actual rather than theoretical use of the list rules as I think they have been applied. I understand that this may make people angry although this is not my intention. Mostly, I trying to keep the, as implemented, rules visible.

  1.   No USA politics. This includes everything from wars that ended forty years ago to trends that include other countries.
  2.  Males of European ancestry are racist and sexist. Never dispute this, especially if you are in that group. There exists no word for people of other groups who are prejudiced. White privilege exists, so never say that you aren’t privileged or have any personal accomplishments. Never dispute this! (I’m still withering under this one.)
  3.  Try to keep up with all of the terms that anyone finds offensive. I just found out that “pillow fight” is offensive to gays. Believe me I didn’t know. If this item is offensive, I’m sorry.
  4.  Never criticize Lois by saying that you wished a story line had gone a different way. I was unaware of this until, never mind. People identify with certain characters and take even the slightest criticism personally.

Please, this is not a criticism of the list. I’m trying to differentiate between as posted and as experienced.

One thing that been stated before but seems to have been ignored recently, “If you’re calling
‘Pizza’ state the reason, but don’t give in to a parting shot either about the topic or the person.” I’ve been hit by these a couple of times.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
William A Wenrich

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