[LMB] Belated Birthday Greetings for December 22

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 23 05:35:35 GMT 2019

Oh, no, and it's a double birthday, too! 

Well, there will be double cake, and double ice cream, and double
the refreshing, delicious beverages for Shawn Cromett and 
Alex Kwan! Hoping you both had a very lovely day and evening.

For Shawn, there are a pair of knitted socks from Fawn's own hands! 
They are wonderfully temperate, and just happen to be in your
favorite colors. 

And for Alex, a string of fake pearls from the Town Clown Joke Shop
Emporium. They are in slightly poor taste, being a very precise replica
of the ones that Ekaterin got as a wedding gift, but they are definitely
NOT poisonous, and are quite lovely. And being synthetic, you can 
wear them as a necklace, sew them onto a leather jacket, turn them 
into a key chain (a rather long one), and they'll take a beating. 

Very many birthday felicitations! Let's head to the Salon and have 
some treats! 

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