[LMB] Merry Christmas to all!

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Christmas at my daughter's house, starting around 9:30 am with stockings opening, then a lavish brunch. Then after a flurry of dish-washing etc, the main event. Presided over by my youngest grandson, Caden, age 12. Grab, grab, grab, hand out, grab....two of mine were earmarked for my birthday, 10 days down the road, so unopened. After which, a good walk outdoors, followed by an equally good nap, followed by, around 5, a lavish dinner. In between time, the more energetic members of the family took some plain white cotton things and engaged in an orgy of tie-dyeing. Weather, cool, partly sunny, mildly damp. None of the other beings with whom we share the land were to be seen on that walk, but it was still delightful - and there are deer in those woods. No gators, Carol said. Lots of family.

I hope everybody had a fine holiday, whatever you celebrate.
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Merry Christmas to all! Sitting by the tree, drinking coffee, and with a
nice pellet stove supplementing the regular heat!

And it snowed! (very lightly, with luck will melt).

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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