[LMB] The cult of adolescence

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The short version is: you don't. When TSHTF, we elders have more resilience in our arthritic little fingers than the kids have in their whole selves. Except in the latest high-tech gadgets, according to the stereotype.

Which leads me to the long version: Because of the cult of newer = better, more "advanced" = superior. Like (true horror story) the electric menorah the managers of this place put up for Hanukkah - with "flames" of cold white and indicator-light blue. Because -

estan loco en las cabezas. Loco como coyotes borrachos.
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This post draws from All of Lois’ books as well as contemporary culture.
In 1968 there was a movie, “Wild in the Streets” that said that, since most of the population was under 25, the young people should take over. (This was before the baby bust and the aging populations in most developed countries.) The “youth culture” became a political demographic.
Now we don’t see a lot of this in any of Lois’ series. Miles gains power at a young age not because he is young but because he is a freakin’ genius. (And because her has the author behind him.) Dag has problems with the powers that be but, in spite of the increased Lakewalker life span, the “old patroller” is hardly a youth at 56. Penric Is good not because he is young but because her is a genuinely good person. The Quaddies are good not because they are young but, IMHO, they have a good older helper and  a great work ethic.
Now I’m 71 and out of warranty there is no spring in my chicken but why is it that we are supposed to defer to the people with the least education and experience?

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