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> The short version is: you don't. When TSHTF, we elders have more
> resilience in our arthritic little fingers than the kids have in their
> whole selves. Except in the latest high-tech gadgets, according to the
> stereotype.
> Which leads me to the long version: Because of the cult of newer = better,
> more "advanced" = superior. Like (true horror story) the electric menorah
> the managers of this place put up for Hanukkah - with "flames" of cold
> white and indicator-light blue. Because -
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And here's a really interesting NPR piece about airplane control
automation. There is speculation about the problems with the Boeing 737 Max
aircraft being a poor interface between the airplane's controls and the
pilots' experience. And a hint that younger pilots, having grown up with
SmartPhones, video games, and such, may have an advantage when flying
modern aircraft with modern control automation -- but still be
disadvantaged by their lack of experience.


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