[LMB] The cult of adolescence

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 15:26:00 GMT 2019

On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 7:33 PM WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> This post draws from All of Lois’ books as well as contemporary culture.
> In 1968 there was a movie, “Wild in the Streets” that said that, since
> most of the population was under 25, the young people should take over.
> (This was before the baby bust and the aging populations in most developed
> countries.) The “youth culture” became a political demographic.
> ...
> Now I’m 71 and out of warranty there is no spring in my chicken but why is
> it that we are supposed to defer to the people with the least education and
> experience?
Don't defer.
It takes a lot of experience to think calmly through an emergency.
Capt Sully who landed a plane on the Hudson comes to mind.


Other pilots say this kind of expertise needs real-world experience, a
simulator (ie what the new - young - guys train on) cannot give enough
chaotic turbulence that churns the air over a river. It would break the
machine. Cracked me up to find that out ;)

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