[LMB] Birthday Tixie for December

Nicholas David Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Fri Dec 27 16:26:47 GMT 2019

Micki Haller Yamaha wrote:

> Well, my dears, it's Boxing Day, and also Nicholas Rosen's birthday!?
> Wishing you a very happy day, with as many boxes as you like, and
> at the perfect level of usefulness!?
> The Winterfair White Elephant bag is starting to feel light and airy; not
> so many birthdays left this month. But, Nicholas is the recipient of?
> Aral's own wrist-com! Well, one of them -- from when he was Prime
> Minister. (Batteries are included, but use the wrist-com sparingly --
> they don't make them anymore!) Since it was properly decommissioned,
> you can only use it for emergency calls, 65 different Barrayaran?
> ring-tones, and an ancient game of Counts! The Video Action Game!
> Cake is in the salon along with the lovely assortment of beverages, so
> let's retire there and relax a little in what's left of 2019.
> ------------------------------

My thanks to Micki the Tixie, to Kevin Kennedy, and to anyone else who has joined in.  My birthday yesterday went well enough (I attended a Toastmasters meeting, to which word had gotten out that it was my birthday, so the Toastmaster of the Day toasted me in sparkling grape juice.  We normally give short speeches, not actual toasts, but there were some special activities at that meeting.)  In the next half hour or so, I will begin driving to Pennsylvania, where I will see my sister and niece.

Best Regards,

Nicholas D. Rosen
ndrosen at erols.com

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