[LMB] The cult of adolescence

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 27 22:09:43 GMT 2019

Pat Mathews <mathews55 at msn.com> wrote:
> Which leads me to the long version: Because of the cult of newer =
> better, more "advanced" = superior. Like (true horror story) the
> electric menorah the managers of this place put up for Hanukkah - with
> "flames" of cold white and indicator-light blue. Because -

While I strongly prefer real candles to such lighting, there are some
circumstances where candles are inappropriate.  It used to be that
all of our SCA feasts were done by candle light, but almost none of
our sites allow flames now for safety reasons.  I really miss the
ambiance of candle light; it added a lot to the atmosphere.


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