[LMB] Birthday Tixie starts the New Year a bit late

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Tue Jan 1 20:30:39 GMT 2019

Well, I may not have made it to the Emperor's Ball, but the one I went to
was pretty fun, too. 


Ahem. Sylvia McIvers is 44 today, and last night she *was* at the Emperor's
Ball, and made quite a hit, too. Sylvia, I hope you enjoyed the party, the
dress (courtesy of Lady Alys' finest team, the various foods and beverages,
and being able to quickly duck into a small Imperial Library when the crowds
get a bit too much.  And the band took requests-apparently Empress Laisa is
better at the limbo than anybody thought, but everyone thought Miles had an
unfair advantage. <G>. A lovely time was had by all. 


It's also Victoria L'Ecuyer's birthday, too! You are ageless, so to speak,
been to Beta lately> <G> Your birthday present was given to you by Father
Frost himself (dragooned into the role by his beloved Kareen after a few
years of him doing it by letter). Though he was short and grumpy, which
nobody seemed to mind, everyone seemed delighted and by the end of his shift
at Siegling's even Father Frost was smiling a little bit. Your gift was a
beautiful bejeweled egg (possibly from the Lucky Ivan's Big Stash, as they
now call it), though slightly modified with the MVK stamp on the bottom-it's
a representation of Komarr with all the domes lit up and little moving
shuttle trains. You are also given the proper packing so you can take it
home safely, and a protective stand to display it in. 


Happy Birthday, 2019!


Jean Lamb

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