[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Jan 3 17:11:03 GMT 2019

Pat Mathews is 80 today. Pat, since you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you
are now in the depths of winter. Your birthday treat for today is a visit to
Hickory Lake in late summer, where the air is no longer muggy, but just a
little bit crisp, and yet lounging in the sun (with suitable gear and
sunscreen lotion) in mid-afternoon is prime time. (a Lakewalker is
discreetly sitting around to keep the bugs off, though many of them have
already left). A picnic lunch is laid out on a table for you along with a
comfy chair, and several examples of the nascent printing industry in
Glassforge are laid out for your reading pleasure, including the scandalous
set of tales that the printer had to work on in the dead of night, a guide
to the Grace River written by Whit, and Fawn's collection of household
receipts and remedies with illustrative tales of what *not* to do with them.
You dip into the food and drink and the books, catch a bit of a nap, and
then you are taken to Dag himself for a general cleanout and balancing
session. He can't fight old age in Farmers, but he can certainly make it a
lot more bearable. 


Your day ends with your invitation to a bow-down for another Lakewalker just
back from a malice-kill (well away from Hickory Lake, you are assured). With
the treatment, you enjoy yourself much more than usual for such things. 


Happy Birthday!!!


Jean Lamb

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