[LMB] Birthday Tixie times two

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Fri Jan 4 17:32:25 GMT 2019

We have two wonderful birthdays today. Jim Parish, you are 61 today and your
birthday excursion is to Kibou-Dani, which is a nice place once your
security guards fends off the time-share salespeople (you are asked if you
want to watch them being made examples of for your amusement, but you're
nicer than that). Anyway, you have a lovely visit to a teahouse where your
favorites are served, pleasant music is played, and stories swapped about
When Miles Came To Town And His Brother, Too. You are allowed to take one
'pet' home with you, given their ability in genetic modification, and you
choose the one you want (being able to fetch the paper *and* comment on the
stock market is kind of an interesting combination). After your day on
Kibou-Dani, you are given a modest lunch (though lunch is never modest when
Ma Kosti's in the kitchen) at Vorkosigan House, and you hardly notice the
thoroughness of the interrogation cleverly disguised as gossip. Happy


Grace Bridges, you are 41 today and your treat is to visit a secret cattery
on Cetaganda. It has to be secret, you see, because they bred kitties with
opposable thumbs and it's not looking good for the people running
it.fortunately Cetagandans don't have matches. What really happened is that
someone got the bright idea to breed cats that would stay kittens longer
because they're cuter that way. Haut Kooistra thought this would be an
amusing pastime for one of her bas who was really bored, and it somehow got
out of hand and so the installation has been kept under wraps. You see,
because the new breed had a longer maturing season, they became very smart
indeed, and digits they could manipulate better-well, the toilet paper
didn't survive, we'll just put it that way. Plus, the altered voicebox meant
they could give voice commands once they got the hang of it, and several
computers had to mindwiped. But you are charmed by your furry guides and
since you learned how much catnip the bring, you are very popular indeed. 


Happy Birthday !!!


Jean Lamb

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