[LMB] Birthday Tixie times two

Parish, James jparish at siue.edu
Fri Jan 4 17:38:35 GMT 2019

Jean Lamb wrote:
> Jim Parish, you are 61 today and your
> birthday excursion is to Kibou-Dani, which is a nice place once your
> security guards fends off the time-share salespeople (you are asked if you
> want to watch them being made examples of for your amusement, but you're
> nicer than that). Anyway, you have a lovely visit to a teahouse where your
> favorites are served, pleasant music is played, and stories swapped about
> When Miles Came To Town And His Brother, Too. You are allowed to take one
> 'pet' home with you, given their ability in genetic modification, and you
> choose the one you want (being able to fetch the paper *and* comment on the
> stock market is kind of an interesting combination). After your day on
> Kibou-Dani, you are given a modest lunch (though lunch is never modest when
> Ma Kosti's in the kitchen) at Vorkosigan House, and you hardly notice the
> thoroughness of the interrogation cleverly disguised as gossip. Happy
> Birthday!

Thank you kindly! (Where *do* those time-share people come from? Can't 
get away from them even lightyears from home!) Buster and Gracie have 
taken to the new sphinx quite well, although she's a little wary of 
Buster's bounciness.

Jim Parish

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