[LMB] 100 SF/F books to read in 2019

Patrick Vera iiradned at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 4 18:48:57 GMT 2019

Tor.com has a  blog post up on its website of 100 SF/F books that should be considered for reading in 2019.
The blog post is at https://www.tor.com/2018/12/27/100-sf-f-books-you-should-consider-reading-in-the-new-year/

The list is populated with old and new works and authors. Some familiar to me, some not. Some
recommended and/or discussed on this list. The list is organized according to the author's last name.

On the list is Her Ladyship's Mountains of Mourning. The writer of the blog post gives the reason
for listing MoM as the reason to collect every single story that Lois has published.

I first read MoM as part of the Borders of Infinity collection. This book being one of the first three
books (the other two being Barrayar and The Vor Game) I have read of Lois' work and taken
altogether is what also made want to collect every single story she publishes as well.

What story of Lois made you guys fans want to collect all of her published works.

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