[LMB] The Bugs that Moil for Platinum ( and other metals ...)

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Tue Jan 8 19:00:27 GMT 2019

Just to be sure before starting up a thread delving (moiling?) deep into
the underlying assumptions of the bug stuff in "Flowers of Vashnoi" ...
it is true, right, that we are well outside timeframe requiring spoiler space? 

We hashed over the soletta tech pretty well a month or so back -- for the
fifth or sixth go round.  I'm kinda eager for another hard tech, SF-with-rivets
kind of discussion about the Vorkosiverse, but even more so if we go into a
relatively new area. 

So are we spoiler-free on "FoV" ?  

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