[LMB] Jump pilot

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Sat Jan 12 16:41:04 GMT 2019

On 1/12/2019 11:14 AM, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> Point one:
> Interstellar jumps still require jump pilots to control the ship and it seems that, while the jump is almost instantaneous for most people, for the pilots it takes at least several hours.
> Point two:
> All jumps appear to be blind the first time. That is there doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing what is on the other side of a jump without going through it.
> Speculation:
> What if some jumps had bad effects on the pilot? For example what if the subjective jump time wasn’t hours but days or longer? What if the time is not just subjective? Nightmare scenario, a ship goes through a blind jump and the crew finds that all of their pilots are dead of old age or even just starvation!

     Lots of classic SF plays with variations on this theme.  FTL drives 
that drive the Pilots mad if used to often, or just accumulates damage 
over time, making Pilots rare, precious, and short-lived.  There was one 
where a very valuable star system was only reachable if the Pilot *died* 
at the exact moment the Jump occurred, which lead to a market in Death 
Row inmates.

     Mmm... we know that Nexus wormholes can shift shut or open without 
warning, and that a "fireship" can disrupt one for some time.  A ship 
caught mid-Jump at *exactly* the wrong time when one of these events 
occurs could be a recipe for such a story.  Or... ow.  What happens to 
the *Jump Pilot* of a fireship?  Do they have subjective hours to 
experience their ship disintegrating in a matter/antimatter explosion?  
Even we, the Dwellers Beyond The Fourth Wall, may never know....

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