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Sat Jan 12 22:55:47 GMT 2019

On Sat, 12 Jan 2019, Joel Polowin wrote:
> At the risk of ruining the joke by explaining it, I don't know how
> well the "Easy Bake" ovens are known except by North Americans of
> a certain age.  The "Easy Bake" was a functional toy oven marketed
> to young girls (or whoever had the buying power for them) in the
> 1960s and 1970s.  It was heated by a 100-watt light bulb (yes, kids,
> regular light bulbs used to draw 100 watts, or even more!) and could
> cook small cakes and small batches of small cookies.

Actually, the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology currently has a 
whole display of different Easy Bake ovens, including showing how they 
have become steadily more unisex over the years.

Alayne McGregor
alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca

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