[LMB] OT: 3-way light bulbs

Carol Botteron cjbotteron at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 19:06:52 GMT 2019

> From: Katrina Knight <kknight at fastmail.fm>
> A three-way bulb is one that offers three different amounts of
> light. They go in a lamp designed for them. The ones I use have
> a 100W filament and a 200W filament. They can be used
> separately or together to give 300W.

One of the filaments often burns out before the other.  Thrifty New
Englanders used to scoff at "the kind of person who would throw away a
three-way light bulb that still has one way left."

When my beloved bearded dragon lizard died (age 13), I donated his
equipment to a reptile rescue organization.  This included some 100-watt
incandescent bulbs, which are good for keeping a lizard warm but by then
could no longer be bought in stores.

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