[LMB] Random thoughts on the First Wife

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 12:12:13 GMT 2019

Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>

I'd think DNA identification would rule out shenanigans with
corpse-switching, but if it wasn't used, or the DNA records themselves had
been fiddled with...
This sounds like a job for Sherlock Vorholmes, with his faithful armsman,
John Watsonos, former Imperial Fleet doctor.

Gwynne: I'd be very surprised if they used DNA identification on the body.
Both families would have some embarrassment, some anger, some guilt,
and a lot of Vor honour and dishonour swirling around the death. Then
there'd be the political ramifications (there always are, for High Vor).
Both families would be trying to protect their offspring, cover up the
scandal, and pretend that everything was normal.

And who'd ask for the DNA match? It would be Aral's right, first, and
he wasn't thinking about that. Piotr wasn't big on fancy Nexus ideas,
and he would have wanted all the fuss to die down as fast as possible.
The Vorrutyers would be feeling the dishonour of her behaviour, and
the general dishonour of Ges being mixed up in it. Plus there was the
Ges-Aral thing. And neither family could be sure that it wasn't one of
their own who'd offed her.

And if the DNA didn't match, that'd lead to a whole new, bigger scandal,
and lots of questions....

Best just to bury the dead and walk away fast, I'd say. Besides, if anyone
suspected a plot of some kind, they'd have no way of knowing just how
high up it went. Ohhhh no. Just walk on, nothing to see here.

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