[LMB] The Bugs that moil for -- Palladium

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Mon Jan 14 17:53:11 GMT 2019

Markus says the Rad-Bugs show > a general ability to collect heavy 
>metals, which should take care of much of the upper end of the periodic 

Hence, the platinum.

Though that one bothered me.  Platinum is difficult to extract from 
ores and ores that contain platinum also tend to have very similar (noble)
metals -- palladium etc.  Lots of difficult chemistry involving long sequences
of strong acidic solutions involved in separating out the various rare, and
highly non-reactive, elements. 

OTOH,  107 Pd is a fission product and so is presumably of interest to any 
process designed to clean up fall-out and  will be targeted.

It's ALMOST as if Enrique is complaining that the (valuable) Platinum
is interfering with, and contaminating, his nice precise process of
 sequestering the (worthless) Palladium.

I'd like to hear more about the Cobalt ... 

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