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Wed Jan 16 21:50:27 GMT 2019

Cordelia at one point comments that Barrayar didn't have genotyping in
common use (I think in _Barrayar_ at breakfast with Aral and Piotr), so
even if the tech was in theory available in military labs it might not
have been used for an open-and-shut case.  Especially if people were eager
to hush it up.

I kind of like the idea of Aral's first wife running away with a prole...

Tony Z

On Sun, January 13, 2019 10:42 pm, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> I've just read a fanfic about Aral's first wife running away to avoid
> being killed, and it suddenly occurred to me... maybe she did.
> Lois did drop a few hints - comments about how unusual it was to use a
> plasma arc to commit suicide, how odd that a pretty young woman would burn
> off her own face to die.
> Even if Piotr did kill her, which is quite likely, the plasma arc isn't
> really an indoor weapon, except in extreme circumstances. Surely a neural
> disruptor would be a better choice? Or just a sword, which is more
> Barrayaran and
> traditional.
> Besides, why should Piotr lie about it, or not say that he'd done it? As
> head of the family he had a right to off any relatives he chose, or anyone
> belonging to his District.
> But a plasma arc accomplishes one thing, (apart from the death, of
> course); it conceals identity. The body of a young woman, wearing Aral's
> wife's clothes, was found... where? Was it in Vorkosigan House? In the
> young couple's home, anyway - the body was found, no face, and instantly
> identified as her. Dead and buried.
> So.... did Piotr actually spirit her away? Or did Ges (not so likely).
> Not Aral,
> he'd have told Cordelia at some stage (After all, saving the life of his
> previous wife is a bit better than her being killed/suicided due to
> marriage to Aral. Not really the most enticing information for the next
> wife.)
> Did Ezar have it done? That's probably more likely. Or did one of her
> lovers (the one she didn't tell anyone about because she really cared for
> him) do it, so that the two of them could escape. A prole perhaps? The
> First Love
> that her family stamped on before they sold her off to the Vorkosigans?
> I rather like the idea of the prole, her first forbidden love (lord knows
> she'd done it with anything Vor, including close relatives, but Prole
> would be the one thing that really WOULD be forbidden to her.)  So
> whatshername and the prole faked her death and took off.
> Now the only question is.... who did they really kill?
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