[LMB] A Herm question

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Me too! Just read The Last of the Wine this summer.

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It probably says a lot about me that when I see "A Herm question" I immediately wonder if it's about the ritual sculptures of ancient Greece, the ones Alcibiades was accused of having defaced before his expedition to Syracuse.

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> From: Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>
> Fred:
> or for those of us with more traditional leanings, the herm who bore 
> the pregnancy could be mother (mum, mom, ma, mama, etc) while the 
> sperm donor could be father (dad da daddy, papa, pop, etc).
> Gwynne:
> I just had this image of overhearing someone saying: "That's my 
> parents over there, the blonde is Ova and the redhead is Spermie."
> Sorry. I really am sorry for that one.
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