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I think two herms who had a child might decide that the one who donated the egg should be Mom and the one who donated the sperm should be Dad. Same-sex couples could use Mom 1 and Mom 2, or Mom and Auntie, likewise Dads 1 & 2 or else Dad and Uncle .... all sorts of variations are possible.

Herms show up in other universes as well, and in one of them, Shadow Man by Melissa Scott, there was an intricate set of pronouns for every possible variation. Lois has chosen not to go that route, but I'm sure the Betan earrings cover an equally wide range of possibilities.
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> There's plenty of variations, but they're all Mum-related or Dad-related, I
> can't think of anything gender-neutral except 'Parent' which is a bit formal.

Not yet, in English.   But such labels and nick-names come and go quickly.

I’ve read some Regency romances where the word “parent” was used informally.
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