[LMB] Conspiracy theories in Lois's world

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Count Vormoncrief was trying to get around Vorloupoulos's law with his 200 daughters....
Serg Vorbarra was captured by the Betans at Escobar, once the finish gene-cleaning him they'll send his son to Barrayar to replace Gregor.
Escobar was a frame-up by Ezar to eliminate Minister Grishnov and the Counts who formed the War party.
Count Vorfolse hosts great betan-inspired sex parties at his district home, but they're for proles only...
Vorinnis Maple Bourbon is better than Vorkosigan's Maple Mead.
Calling Count Vorbohn the 'Lesser' and not the 'Younger' is more accurate (reported to Impsec by a source close to Countess Vorminieter).

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> Cordelia is a Betan agent who controls Aral *deviously with decadent deviant Betan sex practices”.

Isn’t that one true? At least from the POV of the people who think it’s a conspiracy.”

When the only tool you have is a screw driver then everything gets screwed.

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