[LMB] Conspiracy theories in Lois's world

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Among farmers, particularly in the south, the prevailing "theory" is that
bogles are fictitious -- a boogy man / monster- in-the-closet sort of
scare story the LakeWalkers tell each other.  

The LakeWalkers themselves are, as a culture, only semi-literate. They
trespass on private lands as primitive nomadic hunter-gatherers reaping
where they have not sown and killing beasts they never cared for. 
Their high-horses look fine and gallop fast, but can't pull a full load. 

They do brew strange drugs, some useful.  And some that mess up your
mind. A Lakewalker might, when he chooses, take advantage in a deal
by clouding your judgment, just a little. Probably using some sort of
perfume or scented oil, they lure or bait and beguile us. Up north
they go so far as outright beg for supplies, on the story that they are
protecting farms from bandits and their imaginary "bogles".  Northern
farmers even fall for the story, often enough, in that wild country
where there is a natural problem with barren, blighted, land, and
a problem with real bandits, and the more aggressive use of 
Lakewalker beguiling magic to trick farmers out of "gifts". 

Those People  make stuff besides drugs, weaving  ropes and tanning leathers 
that hold up unusually well.  But Lakewalkers  don't teach their secrets nor
take apprentices to share the techniques.  A shop or tannery in town 
could fill all the demand for better rope, and make life easier for
everybody, Farmer and Lakewalker alike.  But the Lakewalkers are
greedy of their crafts and keep their little monopoly, hoarding the
best of their craftwork to themselves and driving up prices for the 
leftovers they sell in the open market. 

Somebody ought to teach those people a good lesson, and one of these
days it's gonna happen.  Maybe not right away, and certainly not 
beginning here and now.  But someday soon, and someplace close by. 
Mark my words. It's likely to get ugly.   And no, it's not my problem
to fix.  THEY'RE the people who have to bend their stiff necks and
change --- to be more like US.  

(Which, it seems to me, is the essence of a conspiracy theory. That the "con-"
 or "together" part of the word implies that "THAT GROUP" of THEM  is secretly
 and unfairly "-spiring" or "talking and plotting while huddled up" and  using
plans and methods to take advantage of "OUR GROUP" or "PEOPLE
LIKE US."   The theory doesn't have to be based on any  untruth.  Better, 
actually, if there is a lot of truth in it.  But it's based on facts left out, assumptions 
about motives plugged in, and fears and dreams about the future that may or may
not even materialize.  ) 

And actually, what I have summarized is NOT necessarily what the Farmers
think about the Lakewalkers.  This is what DAG the Lakewalker thinks the 
typical Farmers are thinking. We get a bit of Farmer-perspective from Fawn, 
but she's so naïve she doesn't even know what other Farmers are thinking
about, for instance, "Grass Widows" -- let alone Lakewalkers.  We really
have an inside look at a Lakewalker conspiracy theory about a supposed  Farmers'
 conspiracy theories. 

A point of view, if any,   from inside LILY's head, in the upcoming work,  may shed 
some new light on what Farmers ACTUALLY theorize about The Others in their midst.


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