[LMB] Choose one-contrarian view

Douglas Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Sun Jan 20 15:33:02 GMT 2019

So I originally was in line with almost everyone else--"Choose one LMB-verse? And I don't get to choose my social status or health in advance? Waiter, I'll have a an extra-large serving of Vorkiverse, with some Beta for dessert."

But the following thought occurred to me, sort of the opposite of a Pascal's wager. In the Vorkiverse, the existence of an afterlife is unknown. Similarly, all we know about the Wide Green World is that the gods are absent. Something survives the death of the body and flows into a sharing knife, and maybe there is a soul in addition, but the existence/survival of a soul is unknown.

Ahh, but in the Five Gods universe, we know that there is an afterlife (at least for those who aren't poor sundered souls and become ghosts and fade into oblivion, which at the least isn't an eternity in damnation, according to canon). The afterlife that almost everyone seems to receive sounds pretty wonderful.

So, even if the Five Gods doctoring is pretty awful, and there are medieval or renaissance wars sweeping through every decade or three, and even if I were a peasant, I'd at least think about trading a few decades of medical and other technology for what sounds like an eternity in a version of heaven.

P.S. I've finished the first draft of that Vorkiverse fic that came to me in a dream. Cast of characters now includes Moira, Alys, Christos, Gregor, Allegre, Morozov, Cordelia, and Miles. And a soupçon of Byerly. A few more days to get it all flowing and fitting together, and I'll have it up on Archive of Our Own.

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