[LMB] Choose one

Ursula uleubner at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 11:17:38 GMT 2019

The Vorkosigan universe may theoretically have indoor plumbing, but if you're a peasant on Barrayar, or a colonist on Sergyar, or presumably on other newly colonized planets, that doesn't mean you get indoor plumbing.  
I'm inclined to go for the Sharing Knife universe, for its egalitarianism.  Not everyone is equal, but even those who are less well off have a decent chance.  Population density is low enough that the lack of plumbing doesn't yet mean hygiene related illness, such as cholera epidemics. The gods are absent and there are no lords to fix the world for you, but as Fawn points out, this is a feature, not a bug, as she can work to fix the world for ordinary people like herself, rather than having the powerful fix the world to suit themselves.  

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