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Gwynne, I love your posts in which you pull the meaty-bits out of the
book under discussion. Always educational even for someone like me who
has read or listened to the stories a bazillion times.

But, I have one tiny nit to pick. See below.


Or did you do that on purpose? :)

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 01:06:31PM +0000, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> After all the fun and frolic in Glassforge Dag and Fawn head for home -
> both homes. Fawn is terrified of being left back at her home, she's had
> a taste of freedom, and the wider world, and doesn't want to compress
> herself again.
> Fawn's family... I grit my teeth a LOT while reading those sections. Thank
> goodness that at least she had Aunt Nettie, without her Fawn's childhood
> would have been even more horrific.
> Aunt Nattie is one of my favourite people.
> Poor Dag, with two arms out of action - he's not at his best. And I love the
> way he keeps working within Lakewalker social rules. Funny thing is, Aunt
> Nattie takes over and sorts them all out just like any Lakewalker matriarch.
> There's some interesting dynamics going on there.
> This part of the book is incredibly funny - which is needed when the
> family attitudes to Fern keep making me so angry. But the hornet scene,

Fern ==> Fawn

> when Sunny and his mates get close to nature - that is so utterly perfect.
> Do hornet stings have any permanent effects on ... er... dangly bits? We
> can hope.  And then Dag and Sorrell dealing with the twins is just perfect.
> That terrible horse has its uses.
> Dag dropping the bombshell about his age - oh wow Lois does like to
> push the boundaries. And she makes it work!
> So much happens that we hardly realise the importance of Dag fixing the
> bowl, and his phantom hand.  And the making of the cords.  So many events
> that turn out, later, to be hugely important just slide past so fast, as the
> story rattles along. We're tossed from anger at the brothers to laughing at
> all the marvelous moments of revenge or embarrassment.
> The wedding - a nice echo of the bowdown, a bit of a farmer version. I'm
> glad that Fawn had her special moment. And poor Dag so wanted to wear all
> his weapons to show respect for the ceremony. Although it would probably
> have terrified all the guests instead.
> So we've seen how Farmer life works, the way they share out the inheritance,
> the rights and responsibilities of each member of the family. And it all does
> work for most people, and it's not a bad lifestyle. We also see that they can,
> with a bit of a push, widen their ideas a bit.
> And Aunt Nattie has some groundsense - is it because she's blind and that's
> concentrated her focus? Does everyone have that potential? Or are there
> a few Lakewaker genes in the family?
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