[LMB] Knife CHILDREN speculation

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Regarding the analysis of _TSK_ vs _LOTR_ John Lennard deserves to
boast, (but instead reports most humbly)
> That was me, and there are many, many correspondences to ponder,
>including :
>Lakewalkers / Rangers
>broken and unbroken blades
>river journeys
>garments given by uncles that turn blades
>Dark Lord / malices
>Nazgul (flying) / malices (flying)
>the humble people saving the world when 
>those whose (self-appointed) task that is cannot
>But that said, I'd be very hesitant about
>trying any extrapolation into the new novella. 
The new novella, _Knife Children_?
If we divide the number of CHILDREN observed,
named, discussed, and important to the works in
TSK/LOTR  (Owlet, Hawthorne, the kids chunkin plunkins
and the wished for little gleaners on the Blue Farm,
lockjaw boy whose name escapes me, the mouthy kid
at the farm where Fawn recovered, the victims at 
Raintree who MIGHT have been the first witnesses...) 
to any children portrayed in LOTR (the audience 
for Gandalf's fireworks at the Birthday Party)  
the resulting quotient might begin to  require scientific 
notation. (Okay, I exaggerate but if the product of the number
of characters, times the number of names, times the number
of mentions -- etc, for each is plugged into the ratio...  well
, still.  There's a significant numerically observable difference. ) 

This bears cogitation ... 

If that feature of the original TSK has been overlooked so far
and if the WGW is a direct response to middle earth, then

Well, I dunno.   But I'm eager to find out.  And enjoying the
opportunity to speculate. 

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