[LMB] SK - Beguilement - The Big Day

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Thu Jan 24 01:32:27 GMT 2019

From: Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com>

I'm thinking of Clover, a bit. When Fawn & Dag first arrive, Fawn & Clover's greetings aren't very warm. Add in, Fawn ends up getting married first, despite the other wedding being planned for some time. Yet Clover owes Fawn a bit, in a way. She's taken herself away from home, she won't be around to be in the way.  and eventually they take Whit away with them.  Fawn & Whit's leaving, probably inspired the twins enough, that Clover didn't have much trouble getting them to head out.

Gwynne: Yes, we're told that the patriarchal Farmers are so different
from the matriarchal Lakewalkers, but we also see that the Farmer
women have a great deal of say and control in the family. At the first
farmhouse, with the well, the woman from the farmhouse had no
problem making the deal with the Lakewalkers, she didn't need backup
or permission. And at the Horseford's, things don't start to happen
until the wife turns up, and sends them all scattering to start the clean-up.

In Fawn's family, Aunt Nattie has the last word on the wedding, and it's
clear that Clover is going to clear out all the spare siblings, ready for
the next generation.

The structure of society may seem to say one thing, but in practice it
can be very different.

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